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        第1题单选 ( )





        第2题单选 ( )





        第3题单选 ( )





        第4题单选 ( )





        第5题单选 ( )





        二、词汇与语法知识(共15小题;每题1.5分,共22.5分) 从每小题的四个选项中,选出最佳的一项,并把它前面的大写字母填入左边的括号里。

        第6题单选 ( ) His parents died when he was young, so he was.__________by his aunt.


        B.fed up

        C.brought up

        D.grown up

        第7题单选 ( ) Constant showers are characteristic the summer here.

        A. for




        第8题单选 ( )Jim went to his hometown yesterday. He__________there already.

        A.must arrive

        B.may arrive

        C.may have arrived

        D.would arrive

        第9题单选 ( )________the umbrella with you in case it rains.

        A. Bring




        第10题单选 ( )They didn't tell me__________go for their holiday.

        A.where will they

        B.where would they

        C.where they will

        D.where they would

        第11题单选 ( )Mary__________in the garden when it began to rain.

        A.was walking



        D.had walked

        第12题单选 ( )In need of money, Bob had to take________job that was offered to him.

        A. whatever

        B.no matter what


        D.no matter which

        第13题单选 ( )They overcame all the difficulties and fulfilled the plan ten days ahead of schedule, was something we had not expected.

        A. that




        第14题单选 ( )The problem has________simply because you didn't follow my instruction.





        第15题单选 ( ) at his model plane over the weekend, he did't complete it.

        A. As he worked hard

        B.Hard as he worked

        C.How he worked hard

        D.How hard he worked

        第16题单选 ( )When the mixture__________, it will give off a powerful force.

        A.will heat

        B.will be heated

        C.is heated

        D.has heated

        第17题单选 ( )If you__________that night, you might have been too late to get your ticket.

        A.didn't hurry

        B.hadn't hurried.

        C.wouldn't hurry

        D.hadn't to hurry

        B虚拟语气,if+主语+had done。

        第18题单选 ( ) There is no one here who can__________the problem.

        A.see off


        C.deal with

        D.set up

        第19题单选 ( ) ——That car must have cost a lot of money.

        ——Oh, no,__________.

        A.it mustn't

        B.it hasn't

        C.it doesn't

        D.it didn't

        第20题单选 ( )Water, when boiled, always__________steam.

        A.gives out

        B.gives up

        C.gives off

        D.gives away



        Shopping habits in the United States have changed greatly in the last quarter of the 20th century. 21 in the 1900s most American towns and cities had a Main Street. Main Street was always in the heart of a town. This street was 22 on both sides with many 23 businesses.

        Here, shoppers walked into stores to look at all sorts of merchandise: clothing, furniture, hardware,groceries. 24 , some shops offered 25 . These shops included drugstores, restaurants, shoe-repair stores, and barber or hairdressing shops. 26 in the 1950s, a change began to 27 . Too many automobiles had crowded into Main Street 28 too few parking places were 29 shoppers. Because the streets were crowded, merchants began to look with interest at the open spaces 30 the city limits. Open space is what their car-driving customers needed.And open space is what they got 31 the first shopping centre was built. Shop- ping centres, or rather malls, 32 as a collection of small new stores 33 crowded city centres. 34 by hundreds of free parking space, customers were drawn away from 35 areas to outlying malls. And the growing popularity of shopping centres led in turn to the building of bigger and better-stocked stores. By the late 1970s, many shopping malls had almost developed into small cities themselves. In addition to providing the convenience of one-stop shop- ping, malls were transformed into landscaped parks, with benches, fountains, and outdoor entertainment.


        第21题应填入( )

        A. As early as


        C.Early as


        第22题单选 第22题应填入( )

        A. built




        第23题单选 第23题应填入( )

        A. varied



        D.mixed up

        第24题单选 第24题应填入( )

        A. Apart from


        C.In addition

        D.As well

        第25题单选 第25题应填入( )

        A. medical care




        第26题单选 第26题应填入( )

        A. Suddenly




        第27题单选 第27题应填入( )

        A. be taking place

        B.take place

        C.be taken place

        D.have taken place

        第28题单选 第28题应填入( )

        A. while



        D.and then

        第29题单选 第29题应填入( )

        A.available for

        B.available to

        C.used by

        D.ready for

        第30题单选 第30题应填入( )



        C.out of


        第31题单选 第31题应填入( )





        第32题单选 第32题应填入( )



        C.set up


        第33题单选 第33题应填入( )

        A. out of

        B.away from

        C.next to


        第34题单选 第34题应填入( )

        A. Auraeted




        第35题单选 第35题应填入( )

        A. inner







        A strange thing happens to nearly everybody at night. They turn off the lights, pull up the covers and close their eyes. Six or seven sleeping hours later, they wake up again. Strange, isn't it?

        Sleep puzzles science. Scientists and doctors would rather talk about why one can't fall asleep. They are not sure what causes sleep. The best conditions for sleep are good health and meal neither too big nor too small. No worries and a comfortable place are important, too. They advise against two in bed.

        Strange things happen during sleep. For example, they move often. You would feel tired if you didn't. You also dream. Part of your brain is still awake when you dream. Dreaming happens when the memory and imagination in parts of your brain are still awake. Experiments have shown most of us dream in color. Bad dreams may be caused by stomachache. Don't worry if you dream. Some great stories and poems were begun while their writers slept.


        第36题单选 Sleep puzzles scientists because they are not certain .( )

        A.why one can't fall asleep

        B.why one wakes up

        C.both A and B

        D.what causes sleep

        第37题单选 The best conditions for sleep are . ( )

        A.good health

        B.a meal neither too big nor too small

        C.no worries

        D.good health, limited meal, no worries and a good place

        第38题单选 You would feel tired during sleep if you . ( )

        A.moved too often

        B.slept on your back

        C.didn't move

        D.went to sleep late

        Computers are very important to modern life. Many people think that in the future computers will be used in lots of everyday life. It is thought that we won't have to go shopping because we will be able to get most things which are sold in shops on the Internet. There will be no more books because we will be able to get all texts from computers. The Internet will be used to play games, see films and buy food. Most telephone calls will be made by computers, too.

        Some people are glad about these new ways of shopping and communicating(交际). Others do not think that computers will replace our old ways.

        Let's look at books, for example. Some people think that one day we will not read books made of paper. Instead, we will buy and read books using computers. We will read texts on small pocket computers. The computers will keep many different books in them at the same time. We won't need to turn lots of pages and paper will be saved. Computerized(计算机化) books will be used more and more.

        Is Internet shopping such a pleasure as going to the shop? Many people say it is not. It is a pleasure to go in to shops and look at things you want to buy. It is also unlikely that many people will want to read large texts on our computers. Because paper books will perhaps be more friendly. Maybe computers won't change these two habits.


        第39题单选 In paragraph(段落) 1 it is thought people will use computers for . ( )

        A.playing games, shopping and making telephone calls

        B.making telephone calls, having meals and seeing films

        C.seeing films, buying food, and going for holidays

        D.playing games, making telephone calls and seeing the doctor

        第40题单选 Which reason for using computerized books is NOT said in the passage? ( )

        A.Computerized books won't be very expensive.

        B.Computers can keep many different books in them.

        C.We won't have lots of pages.

        D.We won't need any paper.

        第41题单选 Paragraph 4 tells . ( )

        A.about the old and new ways of shopping and communicating

        B.if the Internet will change our habits

        C.about computerized books

        D.about future uses of computers

        第42题单选 The title for this passage is . ( )

        A.Computers will Replace Shops and Books

        B.Computers Are the Future

        C.Computers will Do Everything for Man

        D.How Computers Change Our Habits

        Mark, a young person, tells me he wants to be a writer. I always encourage such people,but I also explain that there's a big difference between "being a writer" and writing. In most cases these people are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hours alone at a typewriter."You've got to want to write," I say to them, "not want to be a writer. "

        The reality is that writing is a lonely, private and poor-paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune there are thousands more whose longing is never rewarded (报答). When I left a 20-year job in the U. S. Coast Guard to become a writer, I had no hopes at all. What I did have was a friend who found me my room in a New York apartment building. It didn't even matter that it was cold and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used typewriter and felt like a real writer.

        After a year or so, however, I still hadn't got a break and began to doubt myself. It'was so hard to sell a story that barely made enough to eat. But I knew I wanted to write. I had dreamed about it for years. I wasn't going to be one of those people who die .wondering "what if". I would keep putting my dream to the test -- even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure. This is the shadow land of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there.


        第43题单选 The passage is meant to .( )

        A.warn young people of the hardship that a successful writer has to experience

        B.advise young people to give up their idea of becoming a professional writer

        C.show young people it's unrealistic for writers to seek wealth and fame

        D.encourage young people to seek good jobs

        第44题单选 What can be concluded from the passage? ( )

        A.Real writers often find their work interesting and rewarding.

        B.A writer's success depends on luck rather than on effort.

        C.Famous writers usually live in poverty.

        D.The chances for a writer to become successful are small.

        第45题单选 Why did the author begin to doubt himself after the first year of his writing work?( )

        A.He wasn't able to produce a single book.

        B.He hadn't seen a change for the better.

        C.He wasn't able to have a rest for a whole year.

        D.He found his dream would never come true.

        第46题单选 "Shadow land" in the last sentence refers to . ( )

        A.the wonderland one often dreams about

        B.the bright future that one is looking forward to

        C.a world that exists only in one's imagination

        D.the state of uncertainty before one's final goal is reached

        Once a group of 17-year-old schoolboys decided to break the world basketball marathon record(马拉松记录). They wanted to play for ninety hours and that is to add six hours to the record. Each team had nine players, with five at a time. The boys decided each person would play 21. 5 hours and then rest for 2 hours. Then they started at 6 o'clock in the evening.

        The first night was very hard for the players. When it was their turn to rest, they were too excited(兴奋的) to fall asleep at once.

        After sleeping for a short time, they had to play again. On the second night, they fell asleep as soon as they stopped. Some of them had trouble with their feet and hands, but the only serious problem was a psychological(心理上的) one. Each boy was thinking:why am I doing this? How can I play any longer? After the third night, the players knew they could finish the ninety hours. The basketball on the fourth night was very slow. But in the final hours, the players got better. For the last few minutes, the players looked as fresh as when they started. How happy everyone was!


        第47题单选 In the story, there were schoolboys playing basketball marathon.( )





        第48题单选 Before this basketball marathon, the world record was . ( )

        A.84 hours

        B.86 hours

        C.90 hours

        D.96 hours

        第49题单选 The first night was hard for the players to fall asleep because .( )

        A.they were too excited

        B.they only slept for a short time

        C.no one watched them play

        D.it was very long

        第50题单选 Which of the following sentences is wrong? ( )

        A.Some of the boys were hurt when they played.

        B.It was hard for the players to fall asleep at night.

        C.The boys started playing at 6 o'clock in the evening.

        D.In the end, all the boys felt happy.

        五、补全对话(共5句;每句满分为3分,共15分) 根据中文提示,将对话中缺少的内容写在线上。这些句子必须符合英语表达习惯。 打句号的地方,用陈述句;打问号的地方,用疑问句。

        第51题简答 提示:保罗和福瑞德正在谈论做晚饭的问题。

        Paul: 51 ?

        Fred: No, I don't. But I have to cook this evening.

        Paul: 52 ?

        Fred: Because my mother is going out on business. I'll have to cook myself.

        Paul : 53 ?

        Fred: My mother does. She can cook very well.

        Patti: Can your father cook?

        Fred : No, he can't.

        Paul: 54 ?

        Fred: I'1l cook Italian noodles.

        Paul: 55 !

        Fred : Thank you.



        第52题简答 第52题应填入_____

        第53题简答 第53题应填入_____

        第54题简答 第54题应填入_____

        第55题简答 第55题应填入_____


        第56题简答 请根据下面的英文短诗,展开适当的想象,写一篇短文。


        My Teacher Mr Moore

        There's a teacher Mr. Moore.

        Who is lovely and therty-four.

        Always encouraging us to try.

        He leads us to a world of"why".

        We all admire him more and more.









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